Cultural Difference Between Us and Chinese Cultural Systems

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Anthropology Pages: 18 (6270 words) Published: February 14, 2012
Purpose: The debate of specialised versus standardised international advertising issue has led to increasingly important cultural research in regards of advertising campaign. More particularly, this study launches in creating a comparison between Chinese and US magazine advertisements based on the views of cultural effects. Hence, the aims of this paper are to examine the link among conveyed cultural message through advertisement expression and advertisement appeal. Methodology: This study adopts a content analysis as the research method to conduct the investigation. The data sample includes Results:

Chapter I: Introduction
The choice between standardised or specialised advertisement is greatly complicated for researchers, which turns to an intensive controversy to academic world. In this regard, in literature, standardised advertisement refers to the term of globalisation and internationalisation of advertising. Meanwhile, specialised advertisements are relative to a process of adopting, localising, and customising of advertising. In reality, there are stories about success and failure of both standardised and specialised advertising. One example of successful advertising is the case of Heineken with its new standardised video. In this advertisement, the company adopts a story about a new housewarming party almost everywhere around the world. Toyota is another case of standardised advertising in term of new 2012 Camry model publicizing. However, Pizza Hut and McDonald utilised a specialised advertisement, which aims to show to their customers that they were selling local and customised products. In converse stories with the successes, statistics also showed several failures in utilising the advertisements. The first noticeable case is the bankruptcy of business expanding plan by Warner-Lambert originated by an American TV channel, which attempt to widespread one of its products - Listerine in Thailand. The failure is because of culture conflict between America and Thailand in the content of the advertisement, which relates to sexual constraints. Those examples stressed importance of the difference in culture to show whether the standardised or specialised advertisement should be used in a particular area, region, country, and market. However, those evidences also showed the success of an internationally comprehensive marking strategy. From these points of view, there is a need of an examination in the following contents. Firstly, the differences and similarities in cultural aspect affects on marketing strategy. A particular case is a comparison between Chinese and US culture. Secondly, the choice of market strategy, internationalised or specialised strategy, which meets typical aspects of a particular cultural system, is also noticed. Accordingly, this raises several questions, which should be answered to understand those issues. 1. What are the key main similarities and differences between Chinese and US culture? 2. How these factors affect the culturally background and reaction of customers in those two countries? 3. Which are advantages and disadvantages of specialised and internationalised marketing strategy? 4. Which is the suitable type of marketing strategy for each culture system? In order to meet those requirements, this study employs the content analysis to search for data. Accordingly, a list of related factors will be included as criteria to examine the targets. In particular, the research method also shows reason for choosing those factors. Afterward, a data sample is established which can be used to make analysis. The remainders of this research is organised as follows. The next chapter is a deep review journals and papers in literature, which shows the related analysis to the topic. In this chapter, there are three main sections, which show three key issues related to the research topic. The third chapter presents a consideration in regarding to research method. This chapter will show several...
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