Cultural Difference Between China and Isa

Topics: Locus of control, Culture Pages: 4 (1163 words) Published: December 6, 2012
US Versus China: Different but Alike
Different people usually have different ways of comprehending things because they have different cultures. Americans and Chinese are from two different cultures, but even so they sometimes have the same views on their experiences, which can be implied by some old sayings. Sometimes the sayings are referred to the common senses but most of the time they reflect a country’s culture. Differences and similarities between Chinese culture and American culture can be reflected by proverbs.

Chinese culture is collectivist while American culture is individualist; however, these two cultures can be interconnected with each other in terms of this dichotomy. Unlike individualism, which is “independence and self-reliance are stressed and greatly valued, personal freedom is highly desired” (Storti 25), collectivist is “one’s identity is in large part a function of one’s membership and role in a group” (Storti 25). Confucianism, another The proverb “two heads are better than one” from China shows that Chinese culture is collectivist. It means that two people working together are always better than one person working by himself, which indicates that group work is more important than individuals’. The proverb “a bosom friend afar brings distances over” reflects that Chinese culture is collectivist as well. It means that if someone has a bosom friend, even though he is far away from the friend but they would feel like neighbors because they are very close to each other in terms of friendship. This proverb shows that friendship can overcome everything, which illustrate that group is very important due to the fact that friendship is a part of a group. Friendships, group workings are highly valued in China. All those characteristic leads to the fact that Chinese culture is collectivist. Confucianism, the ancient philosophy of social order, influences attitudes and encourages a group consciousness (“China” cultureGrams). “A dog is a man’s...
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