Cultural Competencies

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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In order to understand the meaning of cultural competence, I agree that this term lines up with the similar term of cultural diversity. Culture summarizes various aspects. There are a number of cultural factors, which have direct implications for teaching and learning.  Teachers need to be responsive to individual ethnic groups’ cultural values, practices, language, learning preferences, involvement and familial patterns.  Today’s teachers must also be more than just aware or respectful of the idea that ethnic groups have distinct values or they may display similar values in unique ways (Gay, 2002). There are many contributions that various ethnic groups have made to certain subject areas, and too many teachers are unaware of these accomplishments.  To accommodate cultural diversity, teachers must convert the curriculum into “culturally responsive curriculum designs and instructional strategies” (Gay, 2002, pg. 108).  This can be achieved by performing in depth cultural analyses of textbooks.  In my opinion, this will take an amazing amount of time and many teachers would not have the available free time perform this needed act.  So, really more realistic methods to accommodate for cultural diversity are needed. In knowing that cultural diversity is important in the educational environment, how can a school and/or classroom implement the strategies for becoming cultural diversity? One way I believe cultural diversity can be introduced and used in the classroom is by sharing of individual cultures from the students themselves. At this particular time, many inner-city schools are made up of the majority of the race that surrounds the school. Depending on the ethnic make-up of the surrounding neighborhoods, those individuals include African American, Hispanics and Caucasians. Each ethnic background has their own way of tackling various areas of their growth. Those areas of growth would be: education, respect towards adults, view on loyalty...
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