Cultural Capital

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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If a website were to have a personality I would say that the Mini Cooper’s website fits the car perfectly. It is insightful which is always a priority to any potential customer, but as Sarah said it is also fun and interactive. It is evident that the Mini Cooper is marketed as a fun car you can sip around town in. The opening tagline on the website describes this well - “Sometimes you have to go a little wild, loosen that stiff upper lip, and paint the town Chili Red.” Also, on the bottom left corner of the page it advertises a race on June 21st. It’s the “might cooper” vs. “fancy pants,” which is really a race between a mini cooper and a Porsche. Now my initial reaction was are you kidding, but if the Mini does win I am sure we will hear about it!! I think its not a bad tactic to challenge the “bug guys” - it cant hurt to try.

The idea behind the Toyota Yaris is practical and functional. As stated on the opening webpage it has a sleek design and plenty of space with your standard features. The website allows you to compare prices and even build your own car. Another feature of their website that caught my eye was the virtual test drive, which I though was neat (talk about interactive). All in all, the website is rather simplistic just like the Yaris - pretty accurate I’d say!

The BMW website is very different from the latter two. It was more chic and has less features. It is less interactive and more business like. While you can still do things like build your own care the overall appearance of the website is less flashy than the other two. It does not use bright colors or fancy text. Yes the appearance of the BMW website is very different, but it does not make it wrong it actually makes it very right. BMW is trying to portray luxury and markets to a specific clientele. I feel that their website is very conducive to their goal.
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