Cultural Baggage

Topics: Cultural heritage, Protestantism, Culture Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: October 12, 2012
Oscar M. Venegas
English Composition
Professor Christine Redman-Waldeyer
11th week assignment
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Summary of “Cultural Baggage”
In the article “Cultural Baggage” published at The New York Times magazine on May 3, 1992, the author Barbara Ehrenreich assess and weighs hers and other people’s cultural and religious background. By listening to an exciting friend about her cultural legacy, Mrs. Ehrenreich abruptly understood that she hasn’t defined one. However, she impliedly denotes some English heritage. In the 60’s and 70’s era, she witnessed ethnical and cultural awakening. These celebrations carried on her some guiltiness about her Anglo-Saxon roots. While as a child, she ate ethnic foods that didn’t represent her owns, but her mother encouraged her to “Try new things”. She liked the idea of being Irish descendant, but displeased of their ancestral savage behavior. As motherhood arrived, she wanted to married a man with Yiddish roots in order to provide their children with a solid heritage. Sadly, it did not work out because her kids knew that their grandparents did not honor their Jewish traditions either. Consequently, she realizes that nobody at home follows any religious line. She also remembers that her mother never mentioned any learned way to do house work. Nevertheless, she learned from her parents that anything new is better than the old ones. The aphorisms “Try new things, Think for yourself and Always ask why” were her only heritage, and thus passed along to her children. She calls this lacking of heritage the race of “none”.

Reaction to “Cultural Baggage”
In the article “Cultural Baggage” the author Barbara Ehrenreich philosophizes about her meager heritage and the heritage of others in America. We all came from descendants from any point in history and the world. We just didn’t appear on earth from thin air. Civilization of “none” is a delusion, a chimera. It may be fine title for a blockbuster movie,...
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