Cultural Background

Topics: Culture, The Culture, Sociology Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: September 23, 2009
Cultural Background
Tanya C. Waller
Phoenix University
Cultural Background
In society today, depending on an individual’s background, religion, and race there are definitely different cultural backgrounds and values, still having to live together and survive on one another in this world. This paper will be describing some of the similarities and differences between norms of my cultural background, and norms of the dominant American cultural background. I will describe how these similarities and differences affect my life, how has my cultural background contributed to the mixture that is a dominant American cultural. Included in this paper will tell you how my culture was learned , and if any give any specifics if I have developed a new cultural background since becoming an adult, and if so what influence me to develop this new culture. Culture backgrounds are founded to be a systematic way of sharing customs, beliefs and behaviors. Individual societies use different ways and things to deal with the world and others around them. These ways of coping are passed along from person to person and from generation to generation in the learning process. Cultural backgrounds help us to grasp the significance of how things are developed and changed. Every culture is extraordinary in its own way. Let’s not assume that there is any one culture that is exactly the same, but I do know that cultures have some similarities. When other cultures try to describe cultures of other people they tend to stress the differences a great deal more than similarities, and overlook similarities. Some similarities that I have in my cultural background that are similar to that of the dominant culture are that they have deep dedication to their families, and their religions. The religions were adapted in their own culture, but they incorporated the culture of their religion into their present lives. Another similarity that my cultural background has is the clothes worn by Islamic and...
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