Cultural Awareness

Topics: Culture, Translation, Language education Pages: 25 (8697 words) Published: January 26, 2013
ISSN 1798-4769 Journal of Language Teaching and Research, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 74-83, January 2012 © 2012 ACADEMY PUBLISHER Manufactured in Finland. doi:10.4304/jltr.3.1.74-84

Cultural Awareness and Translation Teaching at Higher Vocational College: Problems and Solutions Xuelian He
Quzhou College of Technology, Quzhou, Zhejiang, China Email: Abstract—In this paper, an investigation has been done on culture knowledge acquisition and cultural awareness of English majors at Higher Vocational College by taking the students at Quzhou College of Technology as the subjects. The problem of lack of culture knowledge and cultural awareness has been shown through the analysis. The strategies and techniques on integrating culture into translation teaching at Higher Vocational Colleges are given for translation teaching by laying stress on imparting culture knowledge as well as translation skills so as to reduce students’ translation errors. Index Terms—cultural awareness, translation teaching, culture integration

I. INTRODUCTION Today, as the world evolves into the global world, various factors converge to drive people across national boundaries as never before, thus making intercultural contact a major concern and the importance of international communication takes on added urgency. However, distinct cultural perceptions and symbol systems have always stood in the way of intercultural communications. Translation always serves as an important means in cross-cultural communication in the history of human beings. Thus, translation involves two different languages, which are used to express what the two nations think, do, and say. Language is the carrier of culture. Culture influences language by way of symbols and rules as well as our perceptions of the universe. So, the process of translation, which is always regarded as bilingualism dealing, inevitably involves biculturalism. Since cultures are objectively different, translation is to deal with cultural differences, promoting cultural exchange. And the studies of translation are no longer limited to linguistic analysis and rigid comparison between the source text and the target text only, but in social and cultural contexts. To translate two languages involving two different cultures, the translators should cultivate the profound and comprehensive culture knowledge as well as the full familiarity with the language symbols so as to obtain the deep comprehension of the cultural differences. This brings great task to translation teaching, which has the responsibility of cultivating translators. With the flourish of translation teaching, many studies have been made by scholars, translators or educators and teachers both in the west and in the east. Chinese scholars and translation teachers have also done a lot on translation teaching. For example, in the book “Translation Teaching: Theories and Practice”, Liu Miqing (2003) advances three concrete guiding principles for translation teaching in China, discusses the aim and principles of translation teaching and gives some advice on both practical and theoretical teaching of translation; Mulei (1999) makes a research on “translation teaching in China”, which focuses on the present situations of translation teaching in China from the aspects of subject construction, course establishment, teaching material compilation, teachers‟ training and teaching methods and gives some good advice on the reform of translation teaching. Besides, there are a lot of teachers who devote themselves to higher education, having done much on the study and research of translation teaching in universities. On the basis of others‟ work, the author of this thesis wants to make a research on translation teaching at Higher Vocational College from cultural aspect for the purpose of finding some way out to improve translation teaching at Higher Vocational Colleges. In order to make it clear, the study is made on translation teaching at Quzhou College...
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