Cultural Assimilation and Current Society

Topics: Cultural assimilation, Assimilation, Culture Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Assimilation is widely used in everywhere and assimilation is not cooperation between cultures but it is the dominance of one culture over another. Why is that you ask me? In the play raisin in the sun, you can see that Walter is too assimilate to the American culture and took on the American Dream and forgot his own culture. But can assimilation create harmony or discord in a family? If you ask me, I would say that assimilation can create discord within a family in our global and multicultural world today.

Firstly, assimilation can create dreams that are based on the current society they are on. For example, my dream job is mainly based on money as money is important in my society as money is needed to satisfy my needs and wants. But to what extend can money buy for you? By me assimilating to my current society, my dream job is based on money and even though I’m rich in the future, I will be always busy earning money and have no time for my family which in the end cause discord between families. As you can see, if I were to stop assimilating, my actually dream job will be based on what I like to do and it will not be based on money. Money can buy you anything but it’s never really worth more than your family and friends which give you your harmony in life.

In the play Raisins in the Sun, Hansberry pointed out a few points of people assimilating. Let’s take a look at George. George, if you realize, is the poster child for assimilationist. Walter pointed out to him saying, “Why you college boys always wear them silly-looking shoes?” You see, George was too adapted to the style and attitude of the other ‘white’ college students which is not very African. . Why do I say the style and attitude? As you can see, George acts literally like any white college folk and you can tell by the way he replied Walter. When Walter suggested that they should get together have some beer and discuss business, George replied ‘I don’t think so Walter.’ By the way he replied, he...
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