Cultural and Teamwork Map and Self Reflection

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Karlstad University
Karlstad Business School

Advanced Professional Skills

Cultural and Teamwork Map and Self Reflection
Individual Assignment

Saima Batool

Karlstad, 2012-11-28

1.Introduction and Purpose2
2.1 First impression3
2.2 Assessment with reference to Communication Patterns3
2.3 Assessment regarding Placement in Belbin’s team roles4
2.4 Johari Window5

1. Introduction and Purpose
Sharing of knowledge across the border is becoming very widespread phenomenon. Companies are well aware that hidden in their disperes, global operations is a treasure trove of ideas and capabilities for innovation(Wilson & Doz, 2012). Therefore, working with multicultural groups is getting more and more common very rapidly since last decade. However, in global teams, team memebers have different feed back techniques, different uniqueness levels and different communication patterns. People belonging to different cultures have difference in values, geography, ethencity,belief system and lauguage.These difference can lead to cuture clash . In this paper I am writing about where I find myself in a cultural and team work map and my reflections about my placement thereon. I have judged myself with reference to my placement in high and low context cultures, cultural paradigm , my preffered and performed roles in my team keeping in mind Belbin‘s team roles and my position in Johari window. Purpose of this assignmnet is to judge where I find myself right now in a cutural map in context of team work and to bring improvement in myself if I am away from the normal scale .The actual purpose of this assignment is to save me from cultural clash by giving a chance to get self-awareness and to make us conscious about behaving accordingly for future interactions. Just like these two rivers in the below mentioned picture are merging, people from different cultures should merge the same way. These two rivers have different native base but after merger nobody can find any clash between them.

2. Self-assessment
Below mentioned is my self assessment and reflections thereon. 2.1 First impression
My first impression on my team members was that I am trust worthy. When asked, they answered that they made this impression from my body laungauage and my tone of voice. I believe that my such impression was made because of my uniqueness levels i.e. personality culture and human natur. After practicaly working with them my group as well as me have assessed that I focused on working collectively as i believe collectivism is the key to group success. 2.2 Assessment with reference to Communication Patterns

High context|  |  |  | Low context|
 |  |  X| |  |
| | | | |
People oriented|  |  |  | Task oriented|
|  |  |  X|  |
| | | | |
Polychronic|  |  |  | Monochronic|
 |  X|  |  | x|

Role (Belbin Team Roles)| My preferred roles (Rank 1-3)| The roles I exercised mostly in the course team work (Rank 1-3)| Completer-Finisher|  |  |
Coordinator|  |  |
Implementer|  |  3|
Monitor-Evaluator|  |  |
Plant|  |  |
Resource-Investigator|  2|  2|
Shaper|  3|  |
Specialist|  |  |
Teamworker|  1|  1|

On the cultural map I find my self as the person who works better in the middle of high and low context. l worked more better after every next team meeting because in meetings we discussed our desired outcome by spoken words and I shared all my ideas and problems with my team. Secondly, I was not fully relying on what was shared among us through emails. But I cannot say that I am just a high conext person because, contrary to high context couumincation patterns, I wanted detailed information about the assignment and I used direct speech during the whole correspondance .It helped me to exchange ideas quickly ....
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