Cultural and Political Dynamics in International Marketing

Topics: Hong Kong, Bruce Lee, Cantonese people Pages: 14 (5190 words) Published: March 6, 2011
Executive summary

This paper examines the international marketing strategy of a cosmetic company based in Viet Nam which wants to expand into Hong Kong. The paper examines this scenario in terms of cultural and political dynamics in International Marketing. This paper focus is to analyze the Hong Kong culture which refers initially to examine the business environment and focuses particularly on specific issues which affect marketing and business interaction such as material culture, language, religion, custom, communication styles, and belief system that lead to differences in customer’s behavior. Then, detailed analysis Geert Hoftstede’s work in each cultural dimension to make clear the host country’s market. Its main purpose is to help a foreign marketer in the preparation of marketing plans and strategies. Moreover, this paper also looks at the international political and legal environment within the Hong Kong market to be able to predict political future of the country. From that point, the home country can learn how to make or put the company’s characters to adapt with the new market before entering to the host country. Moreover, after considering the culture elements, political and legal environment, the home country’s company gives some recommendation to recognize whether their product is going to change Hong Kong’s culture or lead to dysfunctional consequences in the market of introduction and how would the company eliminate these consequences. It is very helpful for those who are seeking the success in doing business in Hong Kong.

Table of Contents

The company character3
Hong Kong culture:4
Business Etiquette and Protocol in Hong Kong6
Geert Hofstede Analysis Hong Kong8
Political Environment11
Legal Environment12


Hong Kong is a multi-cultural center of international business and finance with a numerous of business opportunities. Hong Kong has a mixture of East and West through combining modern capitalist way with traditional Chinese cultural values, so Hong Kong creates a unique business and cultural environment. Hong Kong is one of the first business centers in the world since many benefits of capitalist system and easy access to the Chinese market. Hong Kong market always appreciates for high quality beauty products that are a boon for our cosmetic company. Besides, tourism and cosmetic nowadays complement each other than ever, thus the more tourists come to Hong Kong, the higher the sales of cosmetics and perfume. Hong Kong consumers and international tourists have the same mind in choosing a wide range of well-known perfumery and cosmetics. They desire high quality products which are easy to use, pleasant in fragrance and appealing in texture. Therefore, study and understand Hong Kong’s complex internal relationship between western business ideals and traditional Chinese culture as well as its legal and political environment in order to match our company’s character with Hong Kong market’s needs, is undeniable in a first stage of international planning process.

The company character

VNT Cosmetics Corporation is considered as a leading cosmetic manufacturer in Vietnam. The company specializes in manufacturing toiletries and perfumes, cosmetics include eye make-up, facial make-up, lip products and skin care products. The majority of the products are produced across the country to meet the local consumer’s demand in the field of cosmetics’ industry. Its sales channel consists of department stores, supermarkets, and cosmetic retail chains stores and own image boutique. The company’s principle relating to production activities is to ensure the products’ quality, stability, safety and suitability. VNT Company strongly believes that its awareness on the importance of the effective use of the intellectual property system played a key role in the success. Thanks to strong brand equity, good product quality,...
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