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Cultural Discontinuity
It is normal for people to experience some cultural discontinuity when they visit another country or a new city or a neighborhood in which the inhabitants are ethnically different from themselves. ● In what settings have you found that you did not know the cultural norms and were at a loss as to how to fit in?

- I have never really been in this kind of setting that much but the only time I really remember where I was in this setting is when me and my family went to a Church where they sang the mass in German and everything about the mass was different than the normal catholic mass said today. ● How often have you been in such settings?

- I haven’t been in this kind of setting all that often. The only times I remember was when we went to church and for youth group we went to a camp and almost everyone their spoke Spanish. ● Why did you feel uncomfortable?

- The reason we felt uncomfortable is because we had no clue what they were saying or singing and everyone else knew what was going on during the mass and we just sat there not singing or not responding to the prayers because we didn’t know what to say. ● How were you able to overcome your awkwardness?

- How we overcame our awkwardness was when I went to the back of the church right when you walked in they had they prayers they were saying in English so I grabbed a piece of paper for everyone in my family and instead of responding in German we responded in English which was still kind of awkward but it was better than just sitting there and not saying anything. ● How could you become more comfortable in cultural settings different than your own?

- What you might be able to do is learn and understand more about the culture that you are surrounded by. Learn their values and what the things they do mean. Interact more so you become more familiar with their culture

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