Cultivation Theory

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  • Published : June 16, 2011
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Violence in Mass Media Affecting Children
Violence in mass media is creating havoc in today’s’ society. Children are the most affected by media violence because of their lack of knowledge at a young age. They are very vulnerable and imitate what they see or hear from their friends or anyone around them. As technology is rapidly advancing and various different media options are entering the market, children are developing bad habits towards their learning, social, and health that many parents might not be aware of. This essay focuses on how children towards two different mass media forms, which consist of television, and video games, perceive violence and how it relates to cultivation theory. The first form of media is television and how it greatly affects the views of our youth. It has been statistically proven that on average a child watches 3-4 hours of television a day, 28 hours a week, and around 2400 hours a year. By the time they have graduated from high school, they would have spent more time watching television that being in a classroom. Many television programs are known for their violent content including murders, explosions, and deaths. Although parents try their best to censor what their child should or should not watch, they cannot be there at all times. For example, a child might be flipping through channels and stumbles upon an adult cartoon like The Simpsons, which catches their attention and they start to watch the show. While watching, they see how Homer (dad) strangles his son Bart when he is angry. After the show has ended, when the child’s dad comes toward them, they might get scared and run away. Children at a young age often cannot tell the difference between the fantasies presented on television versus reality. There are three major types of harmful affects associated with violence relating to television that affect children. The three types are, learning aggressive attitudes and behaviors, becoming desensitized to real world violence,...
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