Cultivation Effect

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  • Published : September 2, 2010
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Cultivation Effects
Cultivation theory is a social theory designed in the 1950s and '70s to examine the role of television on Americans. Another kind of cultivation effect is Computer Mediated Communication or (CMC) this kind of communication is done by email, list servers, use net groups and chat rooms. Steve Jobs labeled these “interpersonal computers” rather than” personal computers” because of all the different ways to communicate by way of computer (Walther & Burgoon, P.51). There are many factors that make this different from face to face communication, some aspects of CMC are absence of context cues, the record ability of conversation, the rate of exchange, the level of formality, the anonymity of the user. Absence of context cues called the cues filtered out approach is a key distinction that separates the CMC from face to face communication. It is tough to understand statements and responses because the participant cannot see others’ appearance, physical adornments, facial expression and gestures (Walther & Burgoon, p.53). You also don’t really get to know the person to whom you are conversing with so it makes the conversation less personal. In light of the fact that CMC can become more personal over time it is interesting to note that this form of communication might start out even more personal than face to face interaction. They don’t care what kind of impression they make because of the natural vagueness of the medium, not worried about formalities CMC can be more intimate than face to face communication (Walther & Burgoon, p.60). The fast rise and popularization of radio and television, the emergence of the persuasion industries, such as advertising and propaganda, the Payne Fund studies of the 1930’s, which focused on the impact of motion pictures on children, and Hitler’s monopolization of the mass media during WWII to unify the German public behind the Nazi party these are several factors that contributed to this strong...
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