Cultivate My Reading Habit

Topics: Time, English-language films, Goal Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Nowadays, majority of people used to sit in front of computer and surf the Internet aimlessly. As a member of them, I thought it is an effective way to relief pressure from the outside world. However, life is limited. I realized that I have to absorb more knowledge to strengthen my weaken foundation for my future career. Then I decided to cultivate my reading habit in the early of this year.

Personally, it is not an easy task. After bought many books that I am interested in, I could spend only twenty minutes on them per day. At the first time, I read the books every night before sleep, but it lasts about only one week. In the following week, it does not work anymore. There are many excuses to keep me away from books. Since I got plenty of time on subway and shuttle bus every day, I decided to bring my favorite book -- on my way to office. Surprisingly, I have finished this book in about two weeks.

According to my experience of cultivating reading habit, I summarized three ways to achieve goals effectively. First, remind the motivation of your goal every moment. Keep yourself known the reason that can improve the persistence of doing things. Secondly, put interest at top priority. It said that interest is the best teacher. So try to discover your interest points in the whole process because everything will be meaningless without real interest. Finally, use the most suitable method to accomplish goals. Different people have different situations. Like adjust your seat to be comfortable, adapting the schedule and method referring to your own plan to the optimum sate.

Since I have accomplished my last target, it is the time to set up my new short-term and long-term goals. In the next two months, I intend to enlarge my vocabulary and apply them in practice as much as possible. As the approach mentioned above, I will do the memorized stuff on my way to school. For the next one year, I plan to reinforce my English proficiency in all aspects: Reading,...
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