Culmanating Project

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  • Published : December 31, 2012
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Andrea Newman 12/26/12 English10

Unit Outline Culminating Project

Calling people to action is something that Cesar Chavez did and he was good at it. His speech effectively calls people to action the most by giving the audience background information about his life; he also tells the reader what it was like being a farm worker. I do not believe Sojourner Truth, and Senator Barack Obama effectively called people to action the most. In Sojourner Truth speech she talks about how she is a woman. When Sojourner Truth talks about the fact that she is a woman, she uses repetition because she wants them to realize that there saying woman should get the treatment such as being helped into carriages and lifted over mud puddles. Therefore if she they say that then she wants the treatment that they say woman should have. In Senator Barack Obama’s speech he talks about he is the son of a black man from Kenya and a white woman from Kansas. This helps support his argument because of the racist statements from Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Therefore, he uses this to help his argument. But I still do not think that Barack Obama’s speech was strong enough to call people to action. I think Cesar Chavez’s speech was the best because of the facts he gave background information about himself such as, He was a Mexican farm worker of America. He also told the reader about how the farm workers live and their conditions. He states that the farm workers are treated unequal, such as being overworked and not getting the pay they deserve and it’s not fair to the farm worker’s and they were trying to boycott. They get treated equal and he also says the growers blame, them (the farm workers) for stiff they didn’t do. He states in the text “These are the sins of growers, not the farm workers”. He says “Today the growers are like a...
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