Culinary Arts

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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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So Tell Me about You Essay

Hello, my name is Devyn Moore. I am 15 years old and my birthday is on September 7, 1994. I live with a family of five, consisting of me, my mother and father, Brenda and James Moore, and my two twin sisters, Amya and Kayla. We are a military family and because of that, we have moved and traveled many places in the country. I have been in and out of schools in my younger ages, but the most recent school I attended was Jones Magnet Middle School. After finishing high school in 2012, I plan on going to college and pursuing a career as either an architect or a shoe designer.

I am an active basketball player, playing for Kecoughtan and local AAU team. I currently do not have a job, and I am not interested. My main hobbies are basketball, swimming, playing billiards, and hanging out with friends. My strengths are organization, patience, and cooperative with others. However, my weaknesses are sometimes my shyness, keeping to myself, and my parents say sometimes I am stubborn.

My reasons for taking Culinary Arts are to enhance and better my knowledge of life skills and cooking. I hope to learn many things out of taking this class but the main thing is learning how to cook. My expectations are not high, just to learn and pass the class.

I think I am most proud in myself for being a strong person, even in tough times throughout my life. I am good at drawing sometimes. I feel I look my best during school, when I dress as who I am and display my personality. The people who know me best are my parents because all my life, I have had a good close relationship with them. A good deed I have done once is volunteering my time to help and aid senior citizens at the Riverdale Medical Center in Newport News. One thing people depend on me for is my trustworthiness. When I laugh at myself, it is usually because I have made a dumb mistake or I am just laughing at a joke. The best thing I like about myself is my overall personality.

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