Cue for Treason

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Cue for Treasons
Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1:
Location: Cumberland
Important notes:
-Peter lives in Cumberland
-Peter goes to school in Keswick
-Peter has a brother named Tom
-Peter and the rest of the men of the village go to Sir Phillip’s property and start breaking down the wall of his property because Sir Phillip over claimed their land. -Peter’s dad sends him on a lookout.

-There are many of Sir Phillip’s men, and Peter throws a rock at Sir Phillip and it almost hit him in the head. -Sir Phillip shoots towards Peter, but it hits his green hat and it falls off. -Peter is scared because everyone knows that he wears a green hat and Sir Phillip now has evidence that he was part of the people.

Chapter 2:
Location: Keswick Town
-Peter runs away on his horse Nathaniel
- Peter stays at the stronghold because he feels safe there. -Peter goes home; his parents tell him that Sir Phillip is furious at him because he really liked his wall. -Peter’s parents tell him that he should run away and escape Cumberland for a few weeks so that when he comes back, Sir Phillip won’t be mad at him. -Peter’s dad gives Peter a few shillings so that he can buy food, water and other things to survive. -Peter’s mom gives him a bit of food, and then Peter departs to Penrith so that no one will find him.

Chapter 3:
Location: Penrith
-Peter stops at the Stronghold, which is located in Penrith. -Peter leaves the Stronghold at night, so he is less visible. -Peter arrives in Penrith.
-Peter sees Tam Burney. Tam Burney warns him that Sir Phillip is in town and he is warning everyone to look for him. -Sir Phillip checks the theatre for Peter.
Chapter 4:
Location: Penrith
-Peter hides in the chest hiding from Sir Philip.
- Sir Phillip walks into the theater in search of Peter.
-Peter starts running away from him.
-Mrs. Desmond found Peter hiding in the chest.
-Mr. and Mrs. Desmond feed him and give him water.

Chapter 5:
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