Cuckoo to School Essay

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Cuckoo to School Essay
School is like an entirely different land, compared to one’s life outside of school. At school you must conform to someone else’s ideas, rules, lifestyle, and teaching. In many ways the novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, is almost exactly like how we are to act and are treated at school. Similarities between school and a psych ward are that they have leaders, cliques, and the leaders have the ability to control time. In school, we have a principal who is basically our head leader that sets the rules and the teachers are who enforce them. In the novel, Nurse Ratched is the main leader or “principal” of the psych ward and the nurses are like the “teachers” (10). Nurse Ratched is very controlling and sticks to a tight schedule. The principal of a school does the same exact thing, and has to go around the school to check and make sure that all of the teachers are doing what they are supposed to do, just like Nurse Ratched does in the novel. Also, if someone in school is misbehaving, the receive punishment just like the men in the psych ward do if they misbehave the head leader decides the punishment (115).

In the book, the patients are separated into different groups (19). At school, we are separated into different groups known as cliques. The groups in the novel, the Acutes and Chronics, do not mingle with one another, and most cliques in school do not mingle with one another either.

When one is at school, certain teachers seem as if their class takes longer than others. In the novel, Bromden talks about how he believes that Nurse Ratched controls time (70). Some days, Nurse Ratched makes time go by fast and other times time goes by unbelievably slow. At school, the more difficult classes seem to go by slow, whilst easier classes go by fast. It also depends on the teacher, though. If the teacher engages more with the class though, it seems to go by faster, just like when Nurse Ratched engages with the patients...
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