Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Topics: Normal distribution, Optimization, Random walk Pages: 4 (1087 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Definition and Impementation|

Cuckoo is an optimization algorithm developed by Xin she Yang and Sushan Deb in 2009. This optimization algorithm is inspired by the life of a bird family, called Cuckoo. Special lifestyle of these birds and their characteristics in egg laying and breeding has been the basic motivation for development of this new evolutionary optimization algorithm.Lets discuss about this concept through this article. Cuckoo’s breeding behavior:

Cuckoo has the habit of laying their eggs in the nest of some host birds The mother removes one egg laid by the host mother, lays her own and flies off with the host egg in her bill. The whole process takes barely ten seconds.Some parasitic female cuckoo replicate the color and prototype of eggs of a few chosen host species.If the host bird ascertain the eggs are not their own they may either obliterate the cuckoo eggs or build a new nest. Some of these eggs which are more similar to the host bird’s eggs have the opportunity to grow up and become a mature cuckoo. The grown eggs reveal the suitability of the nests in thatarea. The more eggs survive in an area, the more profit is gained in that area.Cuckoos search for the most suitable area to lay eggs in order to maximize their eggs survival rate. After remained eggs grow and turn into a mature cuckoo, they make some societies. Each society has its habitat region to live in. The best habitat of all societies will be the destination for the cuckoos in other societies. Then they immigrate toward this best habitat. They will inhabit somewhere near the best habitat. Considering the number of eggs each cuckoo has and also the cuckoo’s distance to the goal point (best habitat), some egg laying radii is dedicated to it. Then, cuckoo starts to lay eggs in some random nests inside her egg laying radius. This process continues until the best position...
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