Cubism and Picasso

Topics: Cubism, Pablo Picasso, Collage Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: April 4, 2002
Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picassso was probably the most famous artist of the twentieth century. During his artistic career he created a large body of work that consisted of sculptures, prints and ceramics, while experimenting with several different materials. Today Picasso is known as one the forefathers of the artistic movement known as Cubism. Pablo Picasso was born on October twenty-fifth 1881, in Malaga, Spain, to Jose Ruiz and Maria Picasso. Rather than adopt the common name of his father, Picasso took the more unique last name of his mother as his own. "An artistic prodigy, Picasso at the age of fourteen, completed the one month qualifying examination of the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona in one day." as stated by ( ). From there he went to the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid, returning to Barcelona in 1900. goes on to state that," Picasso attended one of the cities most famous cabarets of intellectuals and artist, El Quatre Gats." ( ). During the year of 1901 until 1904, Picasso went through what is now regarded as his "Blue Period". Picasso Became fascinated with unique characters as his subject manner. He began to paint images that were full of anger and sorrow. Some believe that Picasso was experiencing an early mid-life crisis because of the content of his work. All that changed in 1905, when Picasso began to paint in a more colorful manner. He became intrigued by the lifestyle of traveling circus acts. He started to paint in mid tone colors like pinks and grays, often compliment by placing them next to brighter colors within a composition. This change in Picasso's work became known as his " Rose Period" as stated by ( ). Picasso went on to meet George Braque, whom is also regarded as one of the forefathers of the Cubist movement. During this period in his artistic career, Picasso created the portrait of Manuel Pallares. To create this work of art Picasso chose to use oil as his medium of choice. What is so fascinating about the painting is...
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