Cuban Revolution: First Assault Informative

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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First attack: Moncada Barracks and start of the Revolution
The Cuban Revolution was triggered on July 26, 1953 by a Fidel Castro and his band of rebel soldiers called “The 26th of July Movement”. They launched the first assault upon their own country out of spite of what it had become. Overall, the plan failed, and Castro was captured. Nevertheless, defeat would not keep Castro and his men down for long. This battle and the capture of Castro were the first step in the Cuban revolution.

Moncada, the barracks in Santiago, was the rebels target to take over. They had a very specific plan of which they wanted to perform the attack. The date set to launch the assault, July 26, was a day after the 25th, which was a holiday called St. James Day, in which there would be much partying for in Santiago. The rebels hoped that on the dawn of the 26th, the soldiers would be gone, hung-over, or even drunk still in the barracks. They planned to send troops on the inside in a few separate cars, seize control of the base, take weapons and ammunition, and then leave before any more troops could respond. The city of Santiago was in the Oriente province which was the poorest province and had the most civil unrest. Using this fact, Castro hoped to spark some sort of uprising, in which he planned to arm the people with the Moncada weapons.

All aspects of the plan were thought over many times and planned well, but the follow-through was not as successful. In the early morning of the planned date to attack, the cars were to pick up all of the rebels scattered around Santiago. They were then to meet with Castro at the rented farm where the uniforms and ammunition was stored. Castro was to brief them specifics and send them off to make their way into the Barracks. There were 138 rebels set to attack Moncada. Instead of everything going smoothly, problems arouse nearly immediately. One car had a flat tire, and two other cars got lost in the streets of Santiago. The first car to...
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