Cuban Revolution

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Before the Cuban Revolution, Cuba was under the rule of an oppressive leader named Fulgencio Batista. Batista was despised and an infamous ruler because he caused a huge gap between the rich and the poor. This caused many to try to overthrow the government in search of equality. The leader of one of these guerilla movements went by the name of Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro led an armed movement against the US armed Batista and took leadership by force. When he first arrived in Havana the populous wasn’t sure what to think of their new leader.  “Later that day, as he addressed the huge crowd, someone released white doves as a sign of peace and one landed on Castro's shoulder. Many Cubans took that as a sign that he was destined to lead them to a better future” (Depalma).This struggle for equality is called the Cuban Revolution and it has many impacts on history. The Cuban Revolution is important to history because it placed Cuba as an important Soviet Union ally for the Cold War, making the Cold War more severe, it caused the US to place a trading embargo on Cuba, and it caused Cuba to turn into a communist country. Although the US was in good relations with Cuba at the time of the Cuban Revolution “It didn't take long for relations between Washington and Havana to sour” and spoil (Depalma). This happened because many American politicians criticized Castro for his, many times unfair, trials against Batista’s men, usually ending with death for the defendant. This in turn angered Castro, who accused the US of interfering with Cuba’s affairs. Castro was frustrated that the US began to withdraw support from farms and businesses. “As relations with the US cooled, Cuba drew closer to the Soviet...
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