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Topics: Cuba, Cold War, Fidel Castro Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Cuba played a significant part in the development of the Cold War. With some of the events that were inspired and executed from Cuba, there was a sense of a Third World War. With the new leader Castro and his ideology and philosophies, the Missile Crisis, and Bay of Pigs it is easy to see that Cuba played a very significant part in the development of the Cold War.

Before Fidel Castro came to power, General Batista was gaining American support in response to Castro supporting the USSR and showing obvious hints of communistic ideology. This sense of communism from Castro was an obvious signifier that he would play a large role in the Cold War with the USSR. Previous to the successes of Castro, Batista was placed in power by public voting in a democratic manner. Although the USA supported Batista, his people started to disagree and label Batista as a dictator, not caring about the public of Cuba.

In response to the poor treatment of the public that Batista showed while in power, Fidel Castro slowly started to rise as a powerful figure to the people of Cuba who felt embarrassed by Batista. By 1959, Castro had taken Batista’s place in office from victory of his guerilla war lasting 7 years. Through his victory and 7-year campaign, he showed the Cuban public that there would be hope for the developing country with a strong sense of nationalism.

Castro soon began to associate with the USSR and reject America as time went on. With America’s rejection of funding to Cuba through the International Monetary Fund and The Organization of American Funds, Castro soon turned to the USSR for help, causing concern and fear to Americans. Because Cuba’s proximities to the USA were so close, it was crucial for American values and influence to be present in Cuba. The Bay of Pigs invasion and aftermath were also large contributions of Cuba’s part in the development of the Cold War. The Bay of Pigs invasion was supposed to be the CIA and American government’s way of stopping...
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