Cuban Missile Crisis Essay

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  • Published : May 18, 2011
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As I woke up this morning, President of the United States, I felt proud and brave. The day is October 14, 1962. One of our U2 spy planes pick up something strange. The Spy Plane sent us pictures of Cuban missiles.

On October 23 we form a secret meeting that includes all of my closet Generals and my best men. During the meeting another U2 plane sends us pictures of Soviet ships sending missiles to Cuba. We then decide of some plans to stop or prevent this from preceeding to be very dangerous. We have finally decided to block off the incoming Soviet ships by forming a blockade.

Our ships are sailing nicely and we are approaching Cuba. After about three hours we reach the designated spot and form the blockade. I get scared and remember many important invents such as my marriage to Jaequeline Bouvier in 1953, my childhood, family and friends.

We reach contact with the Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushcev. We make many comprimises and pitch many ideas back and forth. While we talk one of our U2 Planes is flying right over Cuba and he is confirming that all MRBM sites are operational. Another U2 Plane is flying over Cuba and gets shot down.

Well Khrushcev and I reached an agreement that he would take down all MRBM missiles if we removed our missiles in Turkey. This ended the Cuban Missile Crisis on Oct 28 1962. I was so relieved to go home and see my wife and kids.