Cuban Cuisine and Typical Cuban Foods

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  • Published : October 1, 2011
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1.02 Excursiones - Miami|

Part I (6 points)

Choose ONE of the links from the first page of this lesson. Then answer the following questions in complete English sentences:

A. Cuban food

1. What are some of the typical Cuban foods?
2. Compare and contrast their cuisine to what you generally eat. 3. What Cuban food have you tried before? Did you like it? If you have not tried any, what do you think you’d like and why?

B. Cuban pastime

1. What is the favorite Cuban pastime mentioned in this link? What other game is played? 2. Where is Domino Park located?
3. What games do you and your friends typically play?

C. Jai-alai (a sport that originated in Spain)

1. What is jai-alai? To which sports is it similar?
2. In what part of Spain did jai-alai originate? What did the players use for courts? 3. Have you ever seen it played? Does this sport interest you? Why or why not?

D. Freedom Tower

1. What is the Freedom Tower? Why can it be compared to Ellis Island? 2. What does freedom mean to you?

Part II (14 points)

After viewing the translator presentation, include your answers to these questions for your 1.02 assignment. A translator can be online or someone you know who is a native speaker.

1.What are some of the reasons a translator should not be used? 2.Why would using an online translator or native speaker be considered cheating? 3.When does working with someone on an assignment or getting help affect the integrity of your work?
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