Cu2479 Promote Good Practice in Handling Information

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  • Published : July 16, 2012
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CU 2479 Promote Good Practice in Handling Information in Health and Social Care Settings

1.1 Data Protection Act 1998
1.2 The main points of legal requirements and codes of practise for handling information in health and social care is so that all information is kept safe from anyone that is not authorized to see it, This will be done in a locked cabinet or folder for example. Anyone found to be giving information to an unauthorized person could lead to disciplinary action. 2.1 Information storage systems could include a locked filing cabinet. An electronic safe. A computer with file restricted access. 2.2 Password protection could be used to ensure security when storing and/or accessing information. Also ensuring that no-one who is not authorized to do so does not access any filing cabinets etc with data. 2.3 Maintaining records that are up to date, complete, accurate and legible could be a care plan for example. A daily log book. A medication sheet (MARS) 3.1 To support others to understand the need for secure handling of information I would talk with this individual and explain about data protection and what they can and cannot access, and also to give them a guide on how to fill the relevant documents/paperwork in, if they ever needed too. 3.2 To support others to understand and contribute to records, I would help them fill in MARS (medication) sheets for example, to give them a better understanding and knowledge.

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