Ctlls-Planning & Enabling Leaning

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Planning and Enabling Learning

In this assignment, I will discuss the four main subject areas in planning and enabling learning. I will discuss the method of research to be used within these areas. These areas are: negotiating with learners; inclusive learning; integrating functional skills; and communication. I found that the research of Scales (2008), and Petty (2004; 2006) and the internet were the best and most accurate sources of information.

Negotiating with Learners – initial assessment, goals, actions As previously established in a PTLLS assignment, initial assessment is the most important step on the path of both learning and teaching. This phase is the beginning of the student/teacher relationship. This allows the teacher to establish the level of the learner’s previous experience, previous knowledge and ultimately, the level in that the teaching should be delivered. A student must understand the work and desired end product. As Petty (2004) states, ‘If learners do not know what they are to do, they are most unlikely to do it. Students must understand the tasks, for example the difference between “evaluate”, “analyse”, and “describe”. They must also understand the criteria for a good piece of work, which includes the “assessment criteria”. They need to know what they are aiming for.’ Initial assessment can be used to identify a learner’s literacy and numeracy level. This will also flag up any learners with difficulties or disabilities. A teacher must ensure that the assessment process allows equality of opportunity and does not discriminate or exclude any learners. It is important to include learners in this process. This allows them to have ownership of their learner journey. They must have input into overall goals, aims/objectives, and learning outcomes. In my role during an assessment, the student is asked to recall any previous awards they have achieved whilst accessing a swimming pool & asked to perform a list of skills. From this we...
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