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Topics: Learning, Coaching, Integrity Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Unit 4 assessment
Identify and describe the role and responsibilities of the coach/mentor, paying particular attention to: Values, attitude, beliefs and skills when coaching/mentoring The definition of a mentor is when one person helps another person to achieve something that’s important to them. It’s about giving help and support , in a manner that the student will appreciate and value which will help them move forward giving them confidence to what they would like to achieve. When in a mentoring environment it should feel informal and students should feel encouraged if they want to discuss their needs and circumstances and feel confident with the mentor who will be positive towards them. A mentor serves a very important role for their mentees they open doors and also tell you where there are pitfalls. Mentors check in with you from time to time and the mentees vice versa. A coach watches your progress and performance and makes correction on their course also a coach will asses and monitors and looks for the end result. The definition of value:

Values are about how we have learnt to think or how people should behave; are main values are honesty integrity and openness. Mentoring involves the use of an experienced individual to teach a student with less knowledge in a given area and the mentor gives information needed feedback and encouragement. Attitudes are about how people respond to other people and situations that we have learned based on beliefs values and assumptions we hold. We can support an individual with respect support and progress through the learning cycle. Beliefs are important and valid, I believe being a good listener being supportive motivated and respectful in learning with my students are good values beliefs and skills. I also find my students want to learn more and achieve higher standards. Skills help to attain standards and examinations to be passed to set goals for achievement also to advise support respect. A quote from Birmingham...
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