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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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CTE # 4. Social Media Campaign Presentation Guideline It’s a 15 minutes presentation including q & a, so try to make it simple. I do not require you to develop a real ad campaign plan but it is a “review” or “analysis” of existing campaign case. I expect you can learn how successful campaigns have been planned and executed. Also highly recommended by industry expert, this is the best way to learn how current ad industry use social media platform for advertising campaign. Presentation schedule March 28th (Thursday): Team 5, 6, 7, 8 April 2nd (Tuesday): Team 1, 2, 3, 4 - Send (by email) your PowerPoint slide by the date before your presentation day. Content 1. Situation analysis (1 page) - Very briefly present a few important situational factors. 2. Identification of major challenges and opportunities (1 page) 3. Campaign goal (1 page) 4. Consumer insight (1 page) 5. Creative (creative theme about both message and media: 2 – 3 pages) 1) Core idea (Big idea) – main creative theme 2) Scenario idea – how to organize media (including social media) 6. Campaign execution (if available, present campaign video, social media page, consumer conversation and so on) - number of pages depend on you. 7. Result (1 page) - ROI: how to measure engagement (e.g., no. of visitors, no. of registration, sales increase, traffic increase, etc.)

8. Implication (1 page) - Unique aspect of the campaign - The reasons of why the campaign was successful - What could be improved for the next similar campaign? - Why you choose the campaign (what you are interested in) 8. Discussion questions (1 page) - Any issues or questions you want to talk and share with the class

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