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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Communication Technology Essay

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have noticeably shaped several aspects of our lives and contributed to major discoveries in science. While there are many benefits several factors are influencing negatively on ICT, therefore limiting its benefits and slowing down its reproduction. Lack of security awareness and training, perating system design and security, open source issues, design complexity and multiple layer approach are some of the current issues with ICT. These issues are likely to persist in the future because the technology is changing so fast and in different directions, difficulties in changing operating system design approach, product life cycles and software development issues. There are many uses for communication technology today. Businesses use them everyday in the running of their business for example emails, internet sites and even video chat in many cases. Many businesses would find it hard to stay open without communication technology in today’s world. Promoters use communication technology in promoting their product or business on many sites such as facebook or twitter. Most people today use communication technology and would find it very hard to survive now without it. Adults and teenagers use mobile phones and internet sites everyday in their way of contacting people. Now more than 40% of adults and 60% of teenagers own a smartphone, more a hand-held computer than a phone. There are many advantages of Communication Technology. Firstly I find it very convenient-Through email, cell phones, social networking, chat rooms, web cams and Internet voice calls day to day jobs have become a lot more convenient. Instead of sending a letter and waiting days, or even months, for a response, emails provide instant answers. Software such as Skype enables you to make Internet calls for a lot cheaper than a land line. Chat rooms and text messaging allow you to communicate through typing and is a very fast...
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