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MIPLC LL.M. Program: Application for Admission
Academic Year 2012/13 Please print and sign this form. Further instructions are enclosed with this form.

1. Personal Data Family Name: Given Name: Academic or Professional Titles: Date of Birth: City, Country of Birth: Gender: Navid Iqbal Navid Iqbal Graduate 10.01.1985 Timergara, Pakistan Male

2. Citizenship and Visa Status Citizenship: Additional Citizenships: Visa Status: Pakistani I will require a visa and have read the information provided by the MIPLC.

3. Address Current Address Street, Number and/or P.O. Box: ZIP Code, City: State: Country: E-Mail Address: Daytime Telephone: Evening Telephone: Fax: P.O Box 18300 Timergara 18300 Timergara Dir Lower Pakistan Pakistan navideshaal@yahoo.com 25000 / 0931 / 0092945825131 25000 / 0931 / 00923468001648 / /

4. Letters of Recommendation 1st Reference: 2nd Reference: Navid Iqbal Nasir Iqbal Brother

5. Languages Native Language: Other Language(s): pushtu English, Urdu

6. English Test I am going to take the following English test: IELTS, January 2012

7. Dependents I will come alone.

8. Housing Yes, I would like to join the MIPLC housing program. I need accommodation for 1 person.

Application for Admission: Navid Iqbal, Navid Iqbal (Academic Year 2012/13)


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9. Computers Yes, I will need to use one of the MIPLC desktop computers.

10. Disciplinary Action No, I have never been subject to disciplinary action at any academic institution I attended, or been denied admission to or disciplined by any bar, or been charged with or convicted of any crime (other than minor traffic violations).

11. How did you first learn about MIPLC? Internet

12. Funding I would like to apply for the DAAD scholarship for "Postgraduate Courses for Professionals with Special Relevance to Developing Countries".

I have reviewed my application. I confirm that all information provided is true and correct. I have read and accepted the Declaration on Data Protection and the Policy on Equal Opportunity.

Date, Signature

Application for Admission: Navid Iqbal, Navid Iqbal (Academic Year 2012/13)


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Sending Your Application for Admission to the MIPLC
Please read and follow these instructions carefully to ensure submission of all required information.

Please send your signed Application Form (and possibly the Financial Assistance Application Form) to us together with the following documents, in the order in which they are listed: • Your resume (including complete information about education, internships and apprenticeships, academic and professional (employment) history, academic honors, awards and scholarships won, memberships, extracurricular activities and responsibilities). Please sign this document. • A personal statement (letter of motivation) of no more than 100 lines, discussing your reasons for applying to the MIPLC; how the LL.M. will advance your professional goals; your background; and why you consider yourself particularly suited for our program. Please specify which particular skills and interests you believe make you especially qualified for the program. Please sign this document. • Two letters of recommendation* from recognized authorities in their fields who are familiar with you and your work. You are free to decide whether you will obtain these letters from professors or work supervisors. However, they must be signed original copies printed on university/ office stationery, and of recent date. If not in English or German, the letters must be accompanied by a certified English or German translation. • Transcripts* and diplomas* from all colleges and universities you have attended. The transcripts should show your grades, approximate class rank and any degree received. If not in English or German, the transcript must be accompanied by a certified translation into English or German. If you have received your degree(s) in a system like...
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