Css 422 Week 2

Topics: Design pattern, Factory method pattern, Abstract factory pattern Pages: 3 (614 words) Published: September 29, 2011
Individual Assignment: Design Patterns
University of Phoenix

Design Patterns: Introduction
There are many design patterns available for the development of enterprise software. The design patterns discussed in this paper will include Data Access Object (DOA), dispatcher, factory method, abstract factory method, and model-view-controller (MVC). All five of these design patterns are compared and contrasted in this paper. Data Access Object (DAO)

The data access object (DAO) software design pattern encapsulates access to data by hiding its complexity from users (University of Phoenix, 2005). This design pattern is an object providing an abstract interface to a database or persistence mechanism, which it only provides some specific operations excluding the exposure of the database details. The DAO contains a mapping from the application calls to its persistence layer, which isolates the public interface of the DAO. Dispatcher

The dispatcher software design pattern controls client access and re-directs or dispatches client requests to the proper party that can be located on the same or different tier (University of Phoenix, 2005). This design pattern eases the workflow implementation because the client requests are directed to the proper party. Factory Method

The factory method design pattern creates a family of related objects instantiated by subclasses (University of Phoenix, 2005). This design pattern creates objects without specifying the class of object that is to be created. The factory method pattern defines a separate method for creating objects by using subclasses to override the derived type of object that is to be created. Abstract Factory Method

The abstract factory method design pattern is similar to the factory method, but it adds a dimension to the factory method. The abstract factory method pattern creates a family of families, which is what adds the dimension (University of Phoenix, 2005). This design pattern has a way to...
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