Csr- Workstation Registration and Procedure

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Title: Workstation Registration Procedure

|Background: |To make better use of our computer resources, we have installed a new Workstation registration and reservation | | |system known as Pharos Signup. | | | | | |Pharos Sign Up is an automated PC reservation system that allows students to make their own reservations for PC| | |usage in the Workstation. The system will enable UNIRAZAK to better manage the usage of computers in the | | |Workstation, therefore assuring equal access privilege for all. It will help us in allocating computer time | | |more fairly to better meet the high demand for this service. It will also collect usage statistics to assist us| | |in planning resources. |


For First Time Users:

1. Go to the Workstation counter and register your Logon ID there. You must bring your Matrix Card for the registration. 2. Your Logon ID is your Matrix Card number and your default password is the same as your Logon ID. 3. Go to the Pharos Station and log in. Please change your password immediately by clicking at the Account and Review Details. Choose something you are likely to remember. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. 4. Click at Reserve and the system will assign you to an available computer or place you in the queue for the first available computer. 5. Click Log Off.

6. Go to the computer assigned and log in with your Logon ID and password, OR watch the Queue Monitor located next to the Workstation counter to see when your computer becomes available. 7. When...
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