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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Our most important stakeholder
Dabur India Limited Business Responsibility Report 2011-12

SEBI has mandated to submit report on ‘National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental & Economic responsibility of Business’ as issued by the Ministry of Corporate affairs, which requires businesses to embrace ‘People, Planet, Profit’ approach in a sustainable manner. For this, 9 Principles with their respective Core Elements are suggested to be implemented in the core business processes of an organisation and to report on this to its stakeholders. Following is the Business responsibility report of your company on the Principles, Core Elements & Reporting Framework as suggest in the Guidelines.

Our most important stakeholder
CLIMATE CHANGE IS ON THE INCREASE AND IS SHAPING OUR PLANET. OUR DESTINY IS INTERTWINED WITH SURVIVAL OF NATURE, AS WE KNOW IT. At Dabur, our aim is to make our own activities more sustainable and encourage our consumers, suppliers and others to do the same. WHILE WE AIM TO CONTINUOUSLY GROW OUR BUSINESS, WE WISH TO DO THIS IN A WAY THAT REDUCES OUR TOTAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. We are fine-tuning how we source raw materials to how consumers use and dispose of the products and have identified the most significant environmental impacts. AT DABUR, WE DEPEND ON NATURE FOR ITS BOUNTIFUL PICKINGS, WITHOUT WHICH AYURVEDA WOULDN’T EVER HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE. We are equally conscious of giving back more than what we take from our environment, and so we have set ourselves an ambitious target to significantly minimise our impact on the Environment and even help in replenishing the Planet.


Business Responsibility Report

The Dabur Philosophy Chairman’s Message Organisation Profile Financial Performance For 2011-12 Awards Bestowed On Dabur Environment, Social & Governance Policy Key Risks & Mitigation — Counterfeit Products — Climate Change & Environmental Degradation — Employee Safety Governance & Commitments — Vision & Mission — Code of Conduct — Whistle Blower & Protection Policy — Corporate Governance — Shareholder Engagement Safe And Sustainable Products 3 4 6 8 9 10 12 12 13 13 14 14 15 15 16 17 18 Employee Well-Being Stakeholder Engagement Respecting Human Rights Caring For The Environment — Back To Nature — Carbon Footprint — Water Conservation — Green Manufacturing — Packaging Recycling — LEED Certification Influencing Public & Regulatory Policy Community Service — Brand-Led Activities — SUNDESH Some Success Stories Engaging With Consumers Goals & Targets For Next Reporting Period(s) The Way Ahead… 20 24 26 28 29 36 38 40 44 47 48 50 53 60 78 94 95 96


The Dabur Philosophy

At Dabur India Ltd., sustainability is not merely a buzz word. The concept of sustainability is incorporated into the core of our business and has been expanded to encompass our aspirations and responsibilities to the society and to the environment. It is this concept that inspires us to optimize our business performance to tackle the new and growing challenges of environment, technology and sustainability.

Dabur Greenhouse at Banepa, Nepal

This ancient Sanskrit text aptly coveys Dabur’s commitment towards sustainability.

Business Responsibility Report | 3


Chairman’s Message
Dear Partners in Growth, t gives me great pleasure to present to you our detailed Business Responsibilty Report for 2011-12. This is the first report from the House of Dabur that gives you a detailed insight on our social and environmental initiatives. It is an expression of our commitment towards the environment and the society. We have, over the years, taken rapid strides in our journey towards going Green, covering new grounds, touching the lives of a several people and overcoming challenges along the way. This report is a transparent and voluntary disclosure of these sustainability and social initiatives. At Dabur,we...
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