Csr and Cross Cultural Influence

Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Culture Pages: 10 (3181 words) Published: June 10, 2012
SRThe Positive impact of Cross Cultural Influence on Corporate Social Responsibility Abstract
Globalization has brought a culmination of different cultures, which has in turn created a cultural mosaic at the workplace. Corporate Social Responsibility aims at creating a positive environment by focusing on the well being of the community and Stakeholders as well. The effect of Cultural Diversity has been seen by scholars as that it passes beyond the limits and becomes an essential part of business. Most of the individuals are from diverse cultures and belong to various backgrounds, who come and work together at a common workplace in order to achieve common goals. Thus, existing cross-cultural research has mainly conceptualized culture as a system of shared underlying values (Hofstede,1980;Schwartz 1994). ‘By nature men resemble one another, through habit they differ widely’ (Confucius , quoted in Adams and Kobayashi,1969). The present study attempts to contribute to the understanding of the positive impact of cultural influence on corporate social responsibility. It is directed towards understanding how cross cultural influence helps in bringing a fresh and positive outlook towards conducting Corporate Social Responsibility activities successfully in an organization. In spite of certain limitations mentioned, the paper paves the way for future research on these lines. It can be concluded that India as a country is one of those places where there is a huge scope for research since it is a country filled with Cultural diversity and yet people are living in peace and harmony. Keywords:- Corporate Social Responsibility , Cross Cultural influence.

Globalization has brought about a culmination of different cultures, which has in turn created a cultural mosaic at the workplace. People belonging to different habits, living environments, culture and languages staying together in the same place is a common sight nowadays. This rise in people of various cultures living together is due to the migration of people from one place to another in search of jobs and a better standard of living for them and their family. With the advent of globalization, the people have got a wide access to the whole world as one marketplace to sell their wares. Education has helped a lot of people settle abroad with very high paying jobs as well as with the best available facilities. Governments of various countries count the people as their national wealth. Since, it is their brains that help in building a nation. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about the core behaviour of companies and the responsibility for their total impact on the societies in which they operate. CSR is not an optional add-on nor is it an act of philanthropy. A socially responsible corporation is one that runs a profitable business that takes account of all the positive and negative environmental, social and economic effects it has on society (Marsden, 2001)

Corporate Social responsibility aims at creating a positive environment by focusing on the well being of the community and Stakeholders as well. It is all about doing something for the society not as an obligation but as an initiative to touch lives. Awareness to do something for the community is on the rise. People of different cultures are coming together to do something for the community. The workplace is becoming a platform for people from various cultures to come together and work in unity towards corporate social responsibility activities. More and more companies are creating friendly environments for their employees of cross cultures to come together and work in harmony for fulfilling their responsibilities towards the community and stakeholders as well. This study attempts to brief you about the positive impact of cross culture on the corporate social responsibility in a global organization. It also provides you with the perception that how people from various spheres are coming together to...
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