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McDonalds Corporation

Table of Contents
Different Approaches to Analyze the CSR programme3 Defensive Approach3
Accommodative Approach4
Proactive Approach5
Activities and Initiatives6
Stakeholder Analysis10
A Critical analysis11
A Marketing Ploy?11
Responding to claims12
Response To Criticism 13
Sustainable Supply Chain14
Nutrition and Well-Being 14
Environmental Sustainability15

Three Different Approaches to analyze McDonald’s CSR Programme

McDonald’s is a global organization whose impact on the world in terms of corporate social responsibility cannot be overestimated. Founded in 1954 by Ray Kroc, it grew to become not only the biggest fast food chain in the world but indeed the symbol of globalization.(SchlosserE., 2001). Enormous prosperity and cultural differentiations create the dispute for corporate social responsibility. The answer to the dispute of corporate social responsibility meeting McDonald’s and assesses any options to create some improving the company’s social relationship performance. The answers are defensive, proactive and accommodative approaches. The company has different ways to approach these responses.

Defensive Approach:

McDonald’s defensive approach is to challenge of social responsibility regarding to accusations, allegations, and public pressures to obesity concerns and allegation treatment for workers. The company responses to the disputes, challenges for corporate social responsibility and try to improve social image and social performance. One organization tried to monitor McDonald’s defensive approach based on accusations and they describe that ‘adopts a defensive approach to social demands admits some errors in social responsibility but mainly defends its behavior to its critics in order to prevent further economic losses’. (Batcup, 2007). As we see here that McDonald’s main aim is to maintain their economic losses against activities, we can say that company’s losses are more important than its corporate social responsibility organizations and initiatives. So far McDonald’s has been under pressure and as well as under attacking by against obesity activities. More importantly, countries are started to ban obesity food advertising on the TV and newspaper. Defensive approach to challenge to the social responsibility is relations with worker labor. The company has been under attack for cheap worker power and exploiting non-skilled labor with cheap wage. Just like attack of obesity McDonald’s hold defensive response. On the other hand company try to impose that former CEO was started working part-time and then he became as CEO of the company. This attempt is only protecting the economic situations and tries to look affable dispute of corporate social responsibility.

Related to animal abusing, McDonald’s has met activists from animal caring organizations, and the company starts to develop an ideal program to make them sure about their treatment to animals, when McDonald’s feels pressure from activists and sees the publics interests rising, then the company responds the all these encounters instantly. It is all about market share and brand reputations. Meanwhile McDonald’s has held minor efforts to counter obesity, such as its Deli Choices range and its use of canola oil for its fries,(Big Mac fights back, 2009). The company has taken a defensive approach to the issue of obesity. In fact the Chief Executive Officer of the United Kingdom division in 2005, Peter Beresford, claimed that its “What I eat and what I do” campaign showed that it was attempting to encourage healthy behavior. (Big Mac fights back, 2009). Based on these comments, we may say that McDonald’s is not doing any social responsibilities the company just trying to take defensive measure to maintain economic situation.

Accommodative Approach

The company has embraced an accommodative approach...
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