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Topics: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Gil Grissom, CSI: Miami Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: June 24, 2013
CSI: Crime Scene investigation is an American crime drama televisions series which premiered on CBS on October 6th 2000.The series follows a team of Las Vegas forensic investigators as they unveil evidence in which solves brutal murders and crimes committed. The CSI frnachise, which consist of three series, is available in 200 territories with an audience of two billion people. CSI: Crime scene investigation began the media franchise, than leading onto CSI: Miami than ending the franchise CSI Miami which was cancelled after ten seasons on May 13,2012. CSI: Crime scene investigation became so popular as viewers where fascinated with our criminal justice process that many of our recent courtroom dramas are based on actual cases. The viewers are given the correct amount of information that helps us understand the story at a good pace, keeping the viewers entertained. All the franchises are kept similar to keep the audience interested as the first CSI was very popular worldwide but still presenting realistic storylines which a twist in setting. A title sequence is the method by which cinematic televisions programs present their title, key production and cast members, helping to establish the genre of the television show to the viewers to give them a sneak preview of the up coming events which they are going to be watching. It utilizes the conceptual visuals and sound. In CSI: Crime scene investigation the title sequence appears 5 minutes in, after the story has been established to introduce the characters and portray the genre in more depth. It is important to portray the genre because it gives a pattern for construction, a template of the programme which associate the stars to this genre e.g. crime, sci-fi, also establishing audiences who are easier to market too which greater expectations. In the title sequence, the crime genre (a hybrid mix of police and sci-fi genres) is shown. The sequence starts with two quick night shots of the overview of Sin city Las Vegas;...
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