Csc vs Delacruz

Topics: Air safety, Aeronautics, Airport security Pages: 4 (980 words) Published: July 7, 2012
CSC v. Dela Cruz
* Saturnino de la Cruz is an employee of the Air Transportation Office, DOTC, presently holding the position of Chief Aviation Safety Regulation Officer of the Aviation Safety Division. * Saturnino was promotionally appointed to the said position on November 28, 1994, duly attested by the Civil Service Commission. But prior thereto, he was a Check Pilot II in the Air Transportation Office (ATO). * In a letter, Annabella A. Calamba of the Aviation Security Division of the ATO formally filed with the DOTC her protest against the promotional appointment of Saturtino. * Claiming that Saturtino did not meet the four-year supervisory requirement for said position. * DOTC Secretary Garcia rendered a decision finding the protest without merit. * Calamba appealed to the CSC-NCR.

* CSC-NCR upheld the protest of Calamba and recalling the approval of Saturtino’s appointment. * Jan. 5, 1998 - CSC-NCR Director Acebedo ruled that there is no cogent reason to disturb earlier rulings on the matter.  He also denied ATO Director Gilo’s request, for lack of merit. * Strangely, in a letter dated January 13, 1998, CSC-NCR Director Acebedo granted Director Gilo’s request and affirmed the approval of respondent’s appointment. * In a letter dated January 26, 1998, Calamba requested the CSC to implement the January 5, 1998 ruling of the CSC-NCR. * When asked by the CSC to clarify the conflicting rulings, CSC-NCR Director Acebedo explained that the January 5, 1998 ruling is unofficial and inexistent. * The CSC treated Calamba’s request as an appeal.

* On November 13, 1998, the CSC rendered its Resolution granting Calamba’s appeal recalling Saturtino’s appointment. * Acting on the request for reconsideration filed by Dela Cruz, the CSC denied it. * Dela Cruz filed a petition for review with the Court of Appeals assailing the CSC Resolution. * CA granted the petition by setting aside CSC Resolution...
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