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CSC Catalyst is the property of Computer Sciences Corporation © 2009 by Computer Sciences Corporation
All rights reserved under the laws of the United States of America and International law Printed in the United States of America

Catalyst is a Service Mark of Computer Sciences Corporation

No part of this product may be reproduced by any means, nor transmitted, nor translated into a machine language without the written permission of Computer Sciences Corporation.

CSC Catalyst Licensing Information
Specifically defined collections of CSC CatalystSM framework products may be licensed to third parties external to CSC. The remaining products—practice guides, service offerings, procedure guides, white papers, and collections of best practices—may not be licensed to third parties external to CSC.

CSC Catalyst Product Categories
Catalyst Framework
Catalyst framework products contain primary, custodial, and governing processes that represent a core set of CSC best practices refined to a common architecture. These processes are repeatable and independent of tailored techniques, technologies, or problem areas. The inte nded audience for a framework product is a mid- to senior-level practitioner, though the content can be used by anyone. In addition to processes, framework products define roles, work products, and techniques necessary to execute the processes. Examples of primary processes include Vision and Strategy, Architecture, Development, Integration, Deployment, and Operationa l Services. Examples of governing processes include Enterprise and Account Management, Program Management, Project Management, Service Management, an d Architecture and Engineering Management.

Examples of custodial processes include Configuration Management, Quality Management, Release Management, and Risk Management.

Practice Guides
Practice guides extend architected bodies of knowledge (such as Catalyst framework products) with tips and guidance (for example, methods, techniques, or work products) into tailored engagement or problem types applicable in the field. Methodology practice guides apply the Catalyst framework to a particular engagement type, customer set, tool set, or other un ique situation of business value to CSC. They supplement the framework with tips and guidance appropriate to the target audience and may use structures, terms, or techniques that extend the current Catalyst release. They may also contain valuable methodology and other ideas not yet integrated into a Catalyst r elease.

Service Offerings
Service offerings are offerings to customers that are supported by methodology assets and by other assets such as program and project plans and training.

Procedure Guides
Procedure guides are developed for standard, highly repeatable procedures. Procedure guides provide detailed, step-by-step tasks, roles, work products, templates, tailoring guidelines, definitions, and samples and identify the responsible person by role (for example, system architect). Procedure guides can be tailored into procedures for specific business situations, projects, or organizations.

White Papers
White papers are loosely structured documentations of innovations, project experiences, case studies, and research. White papers are used to accelerate the capture and diffusion of knowledge developed in the field, and can provide input to framework products, practice guides, service offerings, and pro cedure guides.

Collections of Best Practices
Collections of best practices use Catalyst framework concepts to structure loosely defined sets of methods, techniques, or procedures that have general applicability across CSC accounts. These collections represent the first attempt to group what might later become a set of framework activities. Collections are typically developed for emerging business to achieve cost effectiveness and efficiency for CSC and the customer.

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