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CS3202 Project: Iterative development of SPA
Grammar updates (based on Handbook plus Errata from IVLE) highlighted in red.

Project overview
In CS3201, you have completed analysis and architectural design, as prerequisites to iterative development. In CS3202, you will develop SPA in four iterations, described in four assignments. Each development iteration delivers a mini-SPA that extends the scope of SPA developed in the previous iteration. Mini-SPAs are fully operational and can be tested against SPA requirements specifications provided in the Project Handbook. At the end of the third iteration, you will have implemented basic requirements for SPA, as described in the Project Handbook. The fourth iteration defines extensions that you may implement for bonus points, provided all the basic SPA functionalities are operational and well tested. Aiming for bonus points based on shaky foundation won’t bring you much benefit from the project experience or grading point of view. Assignment 1-3 suggest the scope of development iterations. Treat our suggested scope as a guideline, an example, and scope your iterations as you wish. But please use the opportunity of weekly consultations to discuss your plans with your team supervisor. This can’t hurt, but may save your precious time in case your plans were to create unforeseen difficulties.

Team work
CS3202 is a team project and is evaluated as such. Different students may contribute in different way, according to their skills, abilities and project plans set by the whole team. But all the students are expected to put similar effort to the project. All the students in team share equal responsibility for creating team spirit, and making the team work as a whole. Should a problem arise, each student must be willing to work towards resolving the problem. Do not hesitate to ask your supervisor for mediation - in the past almost all problems could be helped if addressed early. Each student should deliver work products according to the project plans set by the whole team.

Grading Policy
Please refer to the Grading Policy and Project Evaluation criteria on IVLE.

For suggestions on how to make detailed design decisions, please refer to Chapter 10 in the Project Handbook. Check Section 10.5 Coding Practices.

Iteration and Assignment 1
Due date: Monday, 4 February, by 12 noon. Grace period: 2 hours. We accept your report without penalty until 2 pm. If you submit report: Between 2 pm on due date and 2 pm one day later, the penalty is 1/2 of the assignment marks. After that you receive 0 marks for the assignment. Deliverables: Project Report: Place Report into the box outside COM2 #03-21. One Report to be submitted by each team (six students). Integrate descriptions produced by team members and submit one coherent document per team, organized in the required format. You will also present your solution during the consultation during the week when the assignment due date. Softcopy report and Doxygen docu: Submit to: IVLE->Workbin->Student Submission->Iteration 1

1. Important: Before you start the Iteration 1
1) Revise your prototype or even discard it and start anew. You have four development iterations in front of you, and SPA will get more complicated in time. What counts is that you succeed at the end, so set your priorities accordingly and adopt a long-term perspective. Do not rush extending your prototype you developed in CS3201. You may need a different set up for a fullblown SPA. Assess your prototype in the view of long-term development in CS3202. Based on that assessment, keep your prototype as a base for iterative development or scrap it. Reflect on major decisions regarding how you organize the SPA program. Adopt simple and practical solution of how SPA components (Parser, Design Extractor or Query Evaluator) access data stored in the PKB. In iteration 1, you want to set up a good foundation for SPA that will grow in...
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