Csa Case Study

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Killian Mangezi

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Information System Engineering





Section A - Requirement analysis using rich pictures4
A1. - Rich picture of CSA4
A2. - Discussion and justification of rich picture5
Section B – Requirement analysis using use case modelling7
B1. – Use case diagram7
B1.1 – Primary use case scenarios8
B1.2 – Secondary use case scenarios10
B2. – Discussion and justification of final use case diagram12
Section C – Critical analysis of the tools used14


The Child Support Agency (CSA) is a charity organisation that focuses on four key areas including housing, family support, education and training and tackling crime. It focuses on providing support for young people between the ages of 12 and 24. CSA is divided into 3 geographical regions, Northern, South West and South East. Each region has its own Regional Director and administration team, including Area Managers that oversee the projects. The head office is in central London. CSA runs various projects that are funded by the appropriate government agencies or trusts that support the kind of work it does. The Senior Executive Group (SEG) with the backing of the board of trustees has decided that CSA need a Management Information System (MIS) that will help manage the organisation better. Currently CSA has a wide variety of management styles, each region has its own way of doing things, most staff lack interest in technology and there is no standard way of recording information about users. The MIS will assist the head office in monitoring projects, will have effective tools to help manage work and will record and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). Data will be available for viewing by Regional Directors and Area Managers and contracts will be recorded centrally. This assignment involves the analysis of the whole organisation and trying to understand the problem situation. Rich pictures and use cases are the two tools that are going to be used to analyze the user requirements of the organisation and to identify what the concerns within the organisation are. The two tools will be compared to find out what their weaknesses and strengths are.

Section A - Requirement analysis using rich pictures

A1. - Rich picture of CSA

A2. - Discussion and justification of rich picture

A2.1 -I approached this case study by reading through it first and trying to get an understanding of the organisational structure of CSA and how it is run. L tried to gain an understanding of the key roles within the organisation and identify who the key decision makers are. At the centre of the organisation are the SEG who are the key decision making body of the CSA. They are located at the head office in central London. The 3 geographical regions are managed by regional managers and their administrative team. Within each region are Area Managers who are responsible for the management of the projects in their area. Analysing the structure of the organisation helps you to visualize the key roles in the organisation. I particularly payed attention to the requirement analysis interviews given as they help to emphasize the concerns that people within the organisation have. The purpose of this study is to identify the problem situation and so the interviewees’ thoughts and concerns become important. They also help identify potential areas of conflict. I identified the boundary of the system by highlighting the government agencies, trusts and the Learning Skills and Council (LSC). Although they are not a part of the system they play a key role in that they help fund and support the projects. A2.2 -The key issues and areas of conflict l have chosen for my diagram have been identified through the analysis of the interviews. By carefully going through what each interviewee said, l was able to identify that not all...
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