Crystal Healing

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  • Published: January 31, 2014
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The people of the world have always wanted to find the miracle cure for all ailments. However unrealistic this dream may be, some people may never give up on it. For centuries we have believed in vast amounts of different healing techniques. One of the more prominent—and less acknowledged—techniques is crystal healing. Crystal healing is a brand of alternative medicine that involves specific crystals being placed on specific parts of the body. These specific placements are because the crystals correspond to chakras that allow the body of the treated person to have accelerated healing. There are a large amount of healers who currently use this technique to treat their patients today. There are many cases where the patients of crystal healers have improved their condition after treatment. Crystal healing is a powerful technique and is something that the world needs to begin to embrace as a legitimate form of treatment for a wide variety of sicknesses. There is ample evidence to support the existence of healing powers in crystals. People all over the world believe in the power of crystal healing. Patients of crystal healers report feeling the energy from the crystal flow into them. There are scientifically measurable results from crystal healing. The energy cannot be measured, but the healing can be observed. In the article “The Science of Crystal Healing” the author writes, “Energy changes were recorded through the process of high energy physics photography, sometimes called Krilian photography. Even blood platelet changes were photographed under a microscope after a crystal healing.” One of the main points for contention for opponents of crystal healing is the lack of empirical evidence. This data shows that empirical evidence can be found and that crystal healing causes real changes within the body. Author and crystal healing believer Nicole Lanning writes, “But all of these other people are having wonderful experiences with crystal healing, so how could they all be feeling the same placebo effect. It is not a placebo, it is just not understood at this, just as traditional medicine and penicillin was not understood many many years ago.” This is precisely why crystal healing cannot be discredited. If people all over the world are convinced that they feel the energy from the crystal then there is little chance for a placebo effect to be a cause. Simply because some people do not feel the effects does not instantly mean that there are no effects to be felt. There has never been conclusive scientific evidence that crystal healing does not exist. As stated by Nicole, current accepted forms of medicine used to be discredited by the vast majority of people as witchcraft. Today’s witchcraft is tomorrow’s cure for cancer. Despite there being an overwhelming number of people who believe in crystal healing from personal experience, there could still be more explanations for the effect people feel from the crystals. The first of these secondary explanations is the one mentioned above: the placebo effect. The placebo effect is where one becomes better merely because they believe they should be getting better. Tests have been done to prove the validity of the placebo effect. This could be the case for crystal healing. An experiment was done by Dr. Christopher French at Goldsmiths College in London to assess the validity of crystal healing. His experiments seemed to suggest that crystal healing had a strong placebo effect. The experiment involved giving subjects both real and fake healing crystals and asking them what they felt. The number of people who reported feeling something significant from the crystal was not different between those subjects who were given real and fake objects (Woodcock, Hill). The fact that the fake gems returned results similar to the real gems seems to suggest that crystal healing is nothing...
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