Crusades Essay

Topics: Democracy, Monarchy, Protestant Reformation Pages: 4 (661 words) Published: May 29, 2013
d agricultural production; Donated for cultivation
-Setting up schools for church officials
-Established scriptoriums
-Serving as a source of education
-Spread of Christianity
Where the monks copied classical texts, philosophies, and scriptures Women
-Women did not have the same equality as men
-Women could not be a vassal
-If a woman owned land the vassal would marry her off and take it -Sometimes women peasants lived a more comfortable life than higher queens etc. because their lives were more stable with their partner

Lord of the Manor is obliged to look after the Serf
Serf cannot leave; must stay on the Manor in which he was born •You get protection from the person above you
(Serfs->Lord/Vassal->Lord/Vassal->King) ^
Organization to Society (system)
Serfs don’t belong to the lord, they belong to the Manor •Lord gives protection for Serfs so sometimes it is preferred to be one -Rise of Islam
Values of Islam (art, mathematics, social structure, science) -Crusades
Was it a conflict of religion, or power structure?
Renaissance (Rinascimento) Definition: Rebirth (French) of Greek and Roman ideas. Greco Roman Ideas of,
Humanism – Greek Gods, praising the Homo sapiens
Art & Architecture – Rebirth of European drawings, paintings, sculptures and buildings Merchant’s class of people was born → new economy and growth and trade. E.g. Medici… they support the new ideas or art, humanism etc. and gave money for it. Reformation

(Challenge to the Catholic Church)
Who were they?:
Scientists and Protestant Christians
Monarchs started to gain political power (e.g. Henry VIII) and were able to make Church (Protestant) of England because he has money and he is powerful. Scientists were Christians with the Muslims attitude for knowledge. Scientific Revolution

Scientists were Christians with the Muslims attitude for knowledge. They began to use objects and exploration to help discover things (could be a...
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