Crusades and Paul E. Walker

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  • Published : March 11, 2011
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Saladin was a prominent figure in the medieval history. He was the most famous of the Muslim military heroes in the world. “His achievements were not limited to the military sphere alone, but achieved across the political, diplomatic and administrative arenas.”(Bosworth Clifford 2). The explanation of his youth and background, how he became such a heroic leader, and his achievements during his reign will portray his years of successful conquer ship.

Saladin was born in Tikrit (present Iraq) in the year of 1138. His father, Najmuddin, was a Kurdish from Azerbaijan. “On the night of his birth, his father, Najmudin, decided to move to Aleppo and worked for Imaddin Zangi, the powerful Turkish governor in northern Syria.”(Paul E. Walker 1).”Growing up in Baalbek and Damascus, Saladin had a knowledgeable youth, with a greater taste for religious studies than military training.”(A. Hutchinson 1). In addition to Islam, Saladin had knowledge of the genealogies, biographies, and histories of the Arabs, as well as the bloodlines of Arabian horses. Overall, his youth inspired him to respect the study of democracy towards religion which would help him throughout his prideful conquer ship against the crusades.

He received a taste of military life under the guided eyes of his uncle Asaddin, an important military commander, and the academic and religious elements from his father. “Following the tradition in those days, Saladin was trained to be expert horse rider and handled various weapons of combat, such as the sword in and archery.”(Paul E. Walker 1). He trained extremely hard with his uncle and soon became an expert in militarism and religious factors. “Egypt became the stepping stone for Saladin's ambition to recapture Jerusalem.”(A. Hutchinson 1). “This opportunity came when he was part of the triumphant army sent to Egypt by the Emir of Damascus to face the attack of the Crusaders.”(A. Hutchinson 1). Upon the death of the vizier (high-ranking minister) and his...
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