Cruiseline Market Segmentation

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  • Published : November 15, 2011
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|Cruise line: |Target market’s |Benefits offered (differentiation): | |Carnival Cruise lines |All ages |a wide variety of on-board choices; a fun, relaxed | |Resort / Contemporary Cruise | |atmosphere; outstanding value; and beautiful and exciting | |Lines | |destinations. there's definitely something for everyone on| | | |a Carnival cruise. | |Royal Caribbean |All ages |cruise adventures, entertainment and activities, sports, | |Resort / Contemporary Cruise | |exiting destinations. | |Lines | |you'll find a wide range of travelers onboard their ships.| | | |In particular, Royal Caribbean attracts couples, families,| | | |and singles. Most of their guests are active people that | | | |are seeking a fun-filled vacation. | |P&O & Princess Cruise lines |P&O 30-80 |The younger P&O cruise ships (Arcadia and Ventura) feature| |P&O Cruises in Australia |Princess: honeymooners, singles, couples, families,|far more onboard amenities than the older ones. For | |Resort / Contemporary Cruise |seniors |instance, the fitness...
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