Cruelty Against Animals in Cages

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  • Published : May 5, 2012
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It is cruel for animals to be kept in cages because some animals should have the freedom to run around. However, there are also dangerous animals that should be left in cages, due to safety reasons.

It all depends on the animal because some animals might not have to be in cages such as chickens and other small animals that won’t harm people. Chickens should be allowed to run freely in an enclosure of some sort instead of being crammed into one tiny cage. In America, six billion chickens are killed for food every year; that is more than one chicken for every single person in the world. If they can’t move they will start to lose their minds and might even start to hurt the other chickens. On the other hand, the dangerous animals such as lions, tigers, snakes and other animals like that are willing to hurt us, should be left in cages so that they won’t hurt anyone. A big open spaces with bars so that they can’t jump out at any visitors that come to the zoo. In places like the zoo, animals are needed to be in cages and enclosures because people visit the zoo everyday and it is needed for safety.

Even though cages are needed it is cruel for animals to be kept at zoos because sometimes the zoo keepers don’t feed them and if the animal acts up and starts attacking the zoo keeper in any way they are allowed to give them some sort of punishment. Zoo animals suffer at because of the small spaced areas and the bad keepers, they also suffer physically and mentally that’s why they start acting up most of the time. None of the animals can do what they normally do in a fake habitat like birds can’t fly because their wings are clipped, aquatic animals don’t have enough water to swim and animals that mostly go together in a pack are found alone or in a pair at most. The zoo says they are caging certain animals as they are in risk of extinction but really it’s just for amusement! Some zoos force their animals to do a little trick for the audience but I think they shouldn’t...
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