Crucible : Sterotypes

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  • Published: April 4, 2013
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Aesha MasoodMs.Smith
Period 912/12/12

The Crucible
Time from time , the way women are portrayed and seen in society has been changing. According, to the society and time women are either considered suprerior or inferior to men. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, there are many sterotypes regarding women; women are only seen as either wives, mothers, daughters or sisters in the patrioarchal society in Salem. They cannot do anything on their own and are only bound to their homes and families. No matter how much they wanted or wished to, they could never cross the boundary of their house. However, in the modern society the role of women is very different than of the role of women in The Crucible. Women in modern society are able to stand up for their rights, have the freedom to do what their heart says and pursue any career they deserve. However, in the society portrayed in The Crucible by Arthur Miller, women are meant to stay in their house as housewives and obey their husband. They are not allowed to do anything other than what their husband say evem though they disagree with their husband. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, there are many stereotypes regarding women. Arthur Miller portrays women inferior to men. In the Salem society, men are able to do anything they desire or wish for. However, the same rules do not apply for women in the Salem society. Women in Salem can only be wives and take care of the household work. If a women does something other than what they are supposed to do, they are accused as being witches because they did not follow the norms of the Puritian society. Miller states where the daughters of the towns would assemble at night and, sometimes with a selected young man, give themselves to love, with some bastardly results. The church sharpeyed as it must be when gods long dead are brought to life, condemned these orgies as witchcraft (35). This shows that even though both men and women engaged in the same activity, only the women was accused and held guilty because in the Puritan society men are always considered right no matter what the situation is. In The Crucible, Proctor is ordered to recite all the commandments, however he fails to say all ten and Elizabeth helps him. Even though Proctor didn't know all the ten commandments, he is let off easily, on the other hand Elizabeth knows all but she is suspected as she is a women. "Mr. Hale, I do think you are suspecting me somewhat? Are you not?" (67). This shows the stereotype of women in the patrioarchal society of the Puritans. Even if a men is guilty noone points fingers at him however even if a women is not guilty, she is always seen with a suspicious eye. The Crucible does not present women in a positive way however it reinforces many stereotypes regarding women. Women are referred to as "witches" in the patrioarchal society of Salem due to them engaging in activities such as singing, dancing or having an affair; activities which are considered "bad" or "sinful" in the Puritan society. "Uncle we did dance; let you tell them I confessed and I'll be whipped If I must be. But they're speaking of witchcraft. Betty's not witched" (10). By reading this quote, the reader can assume that things we today consider as casual an entertainmment, peopl in the Puritan society reffered to it as "inproper". Times change, societies change however a women stays a women. The only thing that changes is the importance of a women in society. Unlike the patrioarchal society of the Puritan, women held a higher position and respect in the modern society. Women in the modern society are an individual person and are not suppressed by any kind of male domination like the Puritan women. In the article "Feminism" it states that "Feminist critics want to show humankind the errors of such a way of thinking. Women, they declare, are people in their own right; they are not incomplete or inferior men" (189). This explains that in the...
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