Crucible: Salem Witch Trials and Elizabeth

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  • Published : January 23, 2012
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The Crucible: Elizabeth Proctor
“Let them that never lied die now to keep their souls” (1353). This quote, spoken by John Proctor, in the Crucible represents what the Salem Witch Trials were about. The Crucible, written by Aurthur Miller, was a playwright based in the 1600’s of the Salem Witch Trials in Province, Massachusetts. The Salem Witch Trials were during the time of McCarthyism; McCarthyism suggested people were guilty without hard proof. Elizabeth Proctor was a character in the Crucible that stood by her husband John, even through the lies, miscommunications, and even his death. Elizabeth was a typical housewife, and honest women who had many mixed emotions about her marriage.

Elizabeth Proctor was a Puritan housewife that tended to her husband and children. She never showed anyone of her emotions. Elizabeth was all was content and kept to herself. She also tried to please John every chance she could. “I took great care” (1292). This quote taken from the Crucible was Elizabeth making her husband stew after a long day. She wanted the stew to be up to standards so that John would be happy with her. In Act II Elizabeth had been accused of sending her spirit out. “I will fear nothing. Tell the children I had gone to visit someone sick” (1307). The line represented here was spoken by Elizabeth after Herrick and Cheever had taken her away to the court to be questioned. Being a good housewife and mother she feels the need to keep her children happy and not worried. She tells John not to worry because she knows she is innocent and she “will fear nothing” (1307). Elizabeth Proctor was John Proctors wife and their children’s mother who looked after everyone else before herself making her a typical housewife.

Honesty was a key trait to Elizabeth Proctors personality. Elizabeth had a good heart and never told a lie. When she and John were discussing Abigail and the girls, they knew they were lying about seeing the devil and being with the devil. Elizabeth...
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