Crucible Response Paper

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Ana Macias
Mrs. Dodd
Honors English 11
1 October 2012
Crucible Response

To be courageous is indeed to do something that one’s self believes in even though it is difficult and terrifying. In our current packet, which included information about “the Salem Witch Trials,” there were three women who were accused and trialed as being a witch. One of these three was a Native American Maid named Tituba courageously “confessed and implicated,” that she believed she was indeed a witch including the two other girls. During the time, the girls who were claimed to be the victims had continued to accuse fellow villagers of the community for higher social status. At a certain point in April, there was a courageous “afflicted victim,” named Mary Warren who admitted her lies and stated that her peers were doing the same. Another act of courage was done by Giles Cory, accused of witch craft, was literally pressed to death for refusing to enter a plea with the court. He refused till his very last words which were, “more weight,” as he stuck to his belief no matter how fearsome his situation was.

In another document in the packet named, “Communism in the United States,” Wisconsin Senator, Joseph McCarthy executed to lead the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) which was an organization to discover secret communist spies hidden in the Country do to the hysteria about the soviets invading the government. During the 1950’s, he led hearings towards accused government employees, intellectuals, and people in the entertainment industry; writers, directors, and actors. Even though they knew about the consequences of being blacklisted in Hollywood, ten individuals courageously refused to testify at all, in consideration to their fifth-amendment rights.

Stated in both documents, “Communism in the United States,” and “Arthur Miller and The Crucible,” recognize Arthur Miller for courageously stating his opinion on how outrages the “McCarthyism” is similar of that time with...
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