Crucible Realting with Puritans

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  • Published : December 4, 2005
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"The Crucible" includes evidence that the puritans where a God intoxicated people. "The Crucible" shows that the puritans did fiercely believe, greatly dared, ardently loved and quietly endured. The dialog and events of the play help prove this. The puritans fiercely believed in the words of God and all of what the bible teaches. In "The Crucible" the judges of the court fiercely believed in witchcraft. Since they fiercely believed in witchcraft, this is why the witchcraft hysteria became as big as it did since they had to believe anyone who accused someone of being a witch since only the victim can see the spells of the witch. The following was said by Danforth; "The law, based upon the Bible, and the Bible, writ by Almighty God, forbid the practice of witchcraft, and describe death as the penalty thereof" (Miller, 102). This shows how Danfoth fiercely believed in the rules and laws he was enforcing. Also, the puritans greatly dared. In "The Crucible" Francis and Proctor greatly dared to try to get their wives out of jail and their friends. They challenged the court and tried to show the truth of the girls and what they where doing. Even though the people who did dare to challenge the court were jailed it's a good example of how they greatly dares. Proctor probably dared the most in "The Crucible" trying to bring truth to the court and expose the scheme that was taking place. He even admitted to the court of being an adulterer but he wasn't able to bring truth to the court. The characters in "The Crucible" also ardently loved. The best example is how Abigail ardently loved Proctor and how John Proctor loves his wife and his wife ardently loved him. The main conflict that brought Elizabeth Proctor into jail and being accused of witchcraft is how Abigail ardently loved John Proctor and tried to get him to love her. Since John didn't love Abigail he stayed with his wife and tried to expose Abigail for who she really was. Abigail tried getting John...
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